Business Alumni

Sacha Davis

Photo of Sacha Davis Since her early childhood, Sacha has always had an interest in how things work, problem-solving, and the technologies of our time that keep the world advancing. She graduated with High Honor Roll from Bountiful High School and continued her education at Dixie State College. While at DSU, she was involved in many extracurricular clubs and associations, including student government, and her personal favorite- DECA. With the help of mentors, she was able to travel the United States with fellow students and learn invaluable life and business lessons along the way. During her time at DSC, she was a devoted student leader which helped trailblaze the College into a University. During her studies, she was awarded a certificate of proficiency in E-marketing, and went on to receive a Bachelors in Business Administration in late 2016. After graduating from DSU, Sacha applied and got accepted into Harvard Online Business school and graduated with her Global Business certificate. She has used her education and experiences to start up a few small (but growing) businesses in the music and technology industries. She is currently working on writing her first book dedicated to helping musicians organize their ideas. She is also working on using Near Field Communication technology to advance communication from businesses to consumers. Sacha is consistently motivated by her family, friends, and mentors to help develop and make an impact on the world. There is no explaining the great influence that DSU has had and will continue to have on her life. She strives to do her best and thanks everyone that has helped her along the way!