Advisory Board Member

Susan Speirs

Photo of Susan Speirs Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Speirs has been the CEO of the UACPA since July 2013.  Susan has always been involved with the business environment and the profession.  She sits on the board of directors for the Utah Council for Economic Education and the Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy in the State of Utah.  She is a member of the Women’s Summit under the Department of Corrections, an organization that prepares women to transition into society after serving time in the prison system, the YWCA and the Utah Council of Financial and Economic Education and Women’s Financial Empowerment Advisory Committee under the direction of David Damschen, State Treasurer.  She is also past president of the UACPA and AWSCPA.

Prior to coming to the UACPA Susan had a practice that specialized in small businesses.  For twenty-five years, she worked with clients in the areas of construction, job costing and estimating.  Along with providing general accounting services for clients, the Company taught its clients what their financial situation meant on paper and how to read their balance sheet and income statement. Clients also learned how to relate their financial statements to their current business climate, how the financing industry interprets the statements and what they as small business owners can do to improve margins and efficiencies while minimizing tax liabilities and continue growth.

Susan enjoys playing with her husband, Steve, of thirty-five years, two married children and two grandchildren.  As a family they enjoy snowmobiling, hiking and music.