Business Alumni

Jon Cole

Photo of Jon Cole Jonathan “Jon” Cole is a long-time business leader, entrepreneur, and investor in the St. George, Utah area. Jon has experience leading companies ranging from a few employees up to companies of 60 employees, and his volunteer experience has included leading groups of more than 500 individuals.

As a business professional, Jon has served in various management and executive positions, including multiple C-level positions. Jon currently serves as the chief executive officer of UV360, Inc., the parent company of Steribin, Inc. and Vioguard, Inc., producers of a variety of UV disinfection devices.

Jon has been involved in various start-ups and real estate projects as an investor. Deals have included hard money lending and angel investing deals, such as equity and convertible debt.
After earning an MBA, Jon continues his pursuit of learning through rigorous personal study and his list of life goals.

Jon’s main focus is his wife and three children and enjoys spending time outside, especially when it involves anything with wheels (bikes, motorcycles, long boards, cars, tractors, etc.)